Bobbi Bowman

Yoga Instructor

Bobbi started yoga by finding a video at garage sale and fell in love. She took a class in college and later served as a missionary, where she started teaching yoga for fun to fellow missionaries. Upon arriving home she was certified and taught at the gym she owned for six years.
 More recently she travels and teaches yoga to youth and other groups. While taking a job traveling the country she discovered that many people from all walks of life are experiencing high stress. Her ten year teaching journey includes yoga, and studying health coaching, mind body wellness. She studied stress management at a University level. She has combined knowledge from all of these areas along with spirituality into what we call “Moga”. 
Moga is a combination of mindset, meditation and movement, getting you from where you are in life, to where you want to be. Her greatest joy is family, friends, adventuring, discipling, and helping people. She believes your body is a temple and that you feel the best in the body when you strengthen your structure in all aspects of health.

Brooke Prothero

Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive Craniosacral Therapist

Brooke began her healing journey as a Massage Therapist. Through her career she noticed that stress in the body coming from emotional sources felt different in the tissues than physical stress.
She studied energy work and learned how to therapeutically work with clients on levels beyond the physical. Through 20 years of practice, she has become highly skilled in identifying imbalances in the energy systems. 
She is passionate about finding and facilitating energetic releases to alleviate stress and tension in the body, mind, and spirit. Currently, she works as an Intuitive Craniosacral Therapist and Chakra Energy Specialist.
 Healing is beautiful and worth every venture into the self to discover new ways to break free from the inside out.

Andrea Bastian

Personal Development Coach

Andrea has a passion for helping others truly understand their personal greatness. She was a personal trainer and health coach for over eight years. During that time she learned that people really struggled to talk kindly about themselves and their bodies. She realized her clients needed a mental shift before they could truly accomplish a permanent physical change.
This is what led her to further her education and shift her focus to mental health. She has been trained in mentoring, belief patterns, mind training, language barriers, and how to get unstuck. 
Andrea completed her social work degree in 2020. She believes that it’s never too late to accomplish your goals. Going to college in her thirties was a highlight in her life.

Kristin Scheer

Wellness Mentor

Kristin is a wife and mother of three children. She has always had a love and curiosity for how the human mind and body works.
She received her degree in Family Studies. As she began her own family, and had personal life experiences, it led her to a desire for more knowledge and understanding of how the spirit and body work together. 
She has enjoyed this self-discovery process and loves to share with others the tools she has learned that have changed her life.